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    Starters / Soups

    Char filet from the Lohmühle in Alpirsbach in a sesame coating
    served with curry mayonnaise and bulgur salad

    Caramelized fresh goat cheese
    on green asparagus and wild herb salad

    Side salad with various raw vegetable salads
    and crunchy leaf salads

    Carrot-ginger-foam soup with
    homemade vegetable strudel

    Hearty beef broth with finely chopped herbs

    Our summer recommendations

    Pink roasted saddle of venison from local forests with wild cream sauce
    with mushrooms and homemade herb dumplings

    Aromatic fish soup house style
    with roasted garlic bread

    Sous-vide braised chicken breast with colorful grilled vegetables
    and fresh ribbon noodles

    Roasted char filet from the Lohmühle in Alpirsbach
    on creamy potato and lovage puree

    Our Löwen classics

    Tender pork medallions from the region
    with pepper- sherry cream sauce and homemade spaetzle

    “Swabian onion roast”
    Pink roasted beef steak (200 g) with braised onions
    on gravy, served with homemade spaetzle

    Grilled pork loin steak with creamy cream sauce
    and spicy garlic, served with crispy fried potatoes

    Breaded cutlet of pork loin from regional farmer
    with french fries

    Salads & Vespers

    Colorful leaf salads with cucumber,
    diced tomatoes & peppers, and fried chicken breast strips

    Sausage salad with ham sausage from the country butcher
    optionally with black sausage or cheese

    to all salads & sausage salad we serve homemade bread & butter

    »Löwen« Maultaschen from traditional production, fried with egg

    “Försterlieseltoast”: pork loin steak with creamed mushrooms,
    gratinated with cheese, served with a salad garnish